How it works

It's easy to use Sharify to turn your Adobe AIR application into a shareware application. Simply follow the steps below and in no time you'll be able to start making money by selling your application!

  1. Register with

    You need to register on this site so that we can provide you with access to the Sharify administration panel. From here you will be able to download the Sharify swc along with detailed instructions for it's use.

  2. Create an application identifier in the Sharify administration panel

    You then need to create an identifier for your application through the Sharify administration panel. You will provide basic information about your application like name, price and trial length (you can choose to allow your application to run in "trial" mode for a given number of days after it is first installed if you like).

    The Sharify administration panel will now provide you with a unique identifier for your application which you will need to use in the next step.

  3. Integrate the Sharify library into your application

    You will need to link the Sharify.swc library into your application. You initialise it by passing in your unique application identifier and then listen for events which will tell you the status of a given user. You will also integrate a form which allows the user to enter their email address and license key. Simple example code is provided to make this integration as easy as possible.

    It is also recommended that you integrate the Adobe AIR update framework with your application. This will make it easy to push out updates to your user - including any important security fixes to Sharify itself.

  4. Choose a payment method

    You can use any method of accepting payment that you like. Paypal is probably amoungst the easiest to setup. The taking of payments is completely seperate to Sharify which gives you the freedom to choose a payment method and provider of your choice.

  5. Release your application

    Market, promote, blog, speak - do what you can to get your application into the hands of your target audience. Provide links so that they can easily pay you via your chosen payment method to register the application.

  6. Issue licenses

    When you receive payment from a user you simply go to the Sharify administration panel and input the user's email address. This will generate a special license key for that user. You mail this key back to the user and they input it directly into your application when they next run it. The application is now licensed.

    You can choose to automate this step by calling our license issuing API when you recieve a callback from your payment provider. Our webservice will return the generated license key to your server so that you can automagically email the license key directly to the newly registered user.

  7. Manage licenses

    You can use the Sharify administration panel to manage the license keys you have issued. If a user changes computer and wants to transfer their license then click the relevant buttons. If you want to issue some free licenses for friends, beta testers or PR then go ahead.

  8. View stats

    If you want to see how many people have installed the trial version of your application then you can easily check your Sharify stats. You can also see what percentage of users buy the full version when their trial expires. You can also find out what operating system your users are using and much more!

  9. Pay

    The payment model for Sharify is simple. You simply pay a 3% fee for each license you issue. So if you are selling your application for $10 then you will pay 30 cents per license issued. If you aren't making any money from your application then you don't need to pay any money. It couldn't be more simple. You will be invoiced monthly for all transactions within the previous month.

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