Below is a list of some of the frequently asked questions about Sharify. If you have a question which isn't on the list then please don't hesitate to contact us for an answer.

  • Can I use Sharify in a HTML/ JS AIR application?

    Yes! We are currently developing an example which will demonstrate how to do this. If you are keen to beta test it then let us know.

  • How do I turn my application into a shAIRware application?

    Once you have registered you will have access to an administration panel. From this panel you can download the Sharify code and an example of how to use it. More information about the steps involved in making a shAIRware application is provided on the how it works page.

  • Can more than one account share access to the same applications?

    Yes! After registering both accounts please contact us and we will mark them as members of the same company so they have access to that companies applications, licenses and statistics.

  • How do you collect payment for the licenses I've sold?

    You will be invoiced monthly for any licenses sold within that month. You can pay this invoice by transfer into the UK bank account of Luck Laboratories Ltd or international customers can pay into a Paypal account.

  • What if I want to release a new version of my application and charge for the upgrade?

    No problem! Simply create the new version as a seperate application on Sharify and use this unique ID. You can then issue new licenses against the new version when you are paid.

  • What if I want to give away some copies of my application for marketing purposes? Or even just to friends? Will I need to pay you for the licenses?

    No. You are allowed to issue free licenses for your application. It's your application, after all!

  • Can I pay a smaller percentage if I am selling lots of copies of my application?

    Quite possibly, depending on how many "lots" is. Talk to us and we will try to come to some arrangement.

  • Does a user have to be online to use a Sharify application?

    No. They do have to be online to register the application though.

  • What statistics do you collect on application users?

    We collect a number of statistics on the users of your application. These include screen resolution, AIR version, application version and flash player version. We also record how often your application is used and how long it is kept open for. You can also see how many people run your application in trial mode and how many of them go on to purchase a license.

  • How is Sharify related to shAIR?

    Sharify is the new name of the service previously known as shAIR. We were informed by the good folks at Adobe that the name shAIR and domain shair.it infringed on their Adobe AIR� trademark. We take copyright law seriously and whilst we believe this wasn't a black and white case we decided to concentrate our time and effort on writing great software rather than talking to lawyers.

  • Who designed and built this beautiful website?

    The site and identity were designed by our good friends at Hoppermagic. The website was built by Luck Laboratories Ltd as was Sharify itself.

  • Can my Sharify app be pirated?

    There is no such thing as a completely unhackable copy protection system. Companies like Microsoft and Adobe spend many thousands of dollars creating security systems which are hacked within hours or days of products being released.

    What you can do, however, is to make it sufficiently awkward to pirate your software that it is not worth anybodies effort. Sharify aims to provide this level of protection at minimal cost to you (either financial or in terms of implementation time). Certain applications (such as those with very high price tags) may want to invest in creating a bespoke security system addressed specifically to their requirements but sharify provides a good level of protection for the majority of shareware applications developed with Adobe AIR.